Prism. Fuorisalone Milan 2015

Originally presented as a ‘meditation on volume‘ for Ventura Interieur during the Biennale Interieur Kortrijk in 2014.

The angle of view is dynamic to the object – where parallels, perceptible, imaginable and unimaginable volumes make us aware of the act of perception and the act of projection. A1 versions have dichroic glass locked into the frame to accentuate the delicate craftsmanship and make it a ‘total’ object. As light vibration changes throughout the day (sun, tungsten, neon) the glass shifts through hues and reflectivituy, rendering it live while remaining entirely inanimate. see the video here.

Made for Ventura Lambrate and Fuorisalone Milan 2015. Big thanks to Prinz Optics Gmbh for and Elle Deco NL their support.