We are a bilingual architecture and design studio based in Uzés, Gard. We specialise in residential projects with an emphasis on furniture design and architectural detailing. With over 20 years in the construction and furniture industries we strive to create environments that live well.

Buildings coexist with Light, Time and Place. A Raison d’être, sensations of discovery, texture, sound bouncing around, repetition… intangible elements that define a space. I design according to these phenomena.

I look at how spaces and objects exist as part of a whole, how our body reads the environment. It’s a Humanistic approach – pursuing beauty with all of your senses, a kind of slow aesthetics where subtle details contribute to a general experience.

Jakob Hartel trained as chef de cuisine in the San Francisco Bay Area before turning to carpentry in 2003. A self taught cabinetmaker he opened his workshop in 2006 producing his own designs. He obtained a Masters degree from Ecole Camondo Paris in Design & Interior Architecture and has presented his work in Milan, Paris, Kortrijk, Brussels and London. Collaborators include DAMNº Magazine, Marco Antonini Architects, Isabel Berthet-Bondet – Architecture Nature, Ventura Projects, Domaine Tournefou, LEADER France, CoO architectes, Marie Jose Tavares, Art2O, Atelier des Fusioles. Clients include KANN design, Atmospheres Paris, Champagne Chassenay dArce, VSB Energies Nouvelles, Hotel Entraigues, the City of Uzès.