Apartment office for 10 posts, Riems historic center. Interior & furniture design.

Riems, third floor conversion of bourgeois apartment for satellite office of wind farming company. We had to create the image of a stable and worthy company, well integrated in a neighbourhood where champagne runs like water. It was my intention to create an environment that employees could feel proud of, and that this would naturally lead to greater dedication to the company. I thought that by working with texture we could create haptic connections to actions, that these connections would act as body memories, and establish personal emotive associations. Creating definitive textures on contact surfaces helps define space in non visual, or perhaps primitive terms. This creates a sense of belonging, a uniqueness, an authenticity.

The open space has a table in charred, oiled Ash which feels like the palms of an elder. Raw brass edge pulls from Simonswerk on matte oak storage units. A potted tree, oversize prints & lamps by Muuto. The conference room receives a table in marble, retro wooden chairs and hedgehog style console. Oversize prints link the conference room with the open space, lamp by Kartel. Semi occupied rear office rooms, facing the courtyard with minimal northern light, receive all white wood apparatus for a soft and light mood.